Sydney Ferguson

In most cases, people tend to reserve judgment in terms of projecting out prospects who have not yet reached high school.  Then there are the few players who come across at a young age who you know have a special gift.  Akron, Ohio native and class of 2027 prospect Sydney Ferguson is mature well beyond her years on the basketball court and it is only a matter of time before she is a national household name.

She has unique ability to see plays before they happen on the offensive end.  Her ball handling and passing skills are thing that sets her apart from her peers at this point in her career.  She can get to the basket and score with either hand at the rim.  She is putting in the necessary time in the gym to be a three-point shooter and it will pay off big time as she matures physically.  Even though she is still in middle school, she can play all positions and impact the game that usually leads to wins for her team. 

Defensively she can play in the post as well as switch out on the perimeter and guard smaller players because of her speed and length.  The area where she excels over just about any other player her age is ability to rebound the basketball.  She anticipates well and plays the passing lanes which lead to her getting steals and deflections that in many cases lead to fast break opportunities.  Although it is still very early in her development, it is only a matter of time before big time college programs begin to put her on their radar as a recruit that will be at the top of their list.