Zion Pipkin

Class of 2024 CG Zion Pipkin of Westfield High in Houston is simply one of the most competitive players that you will find in the area. Even as a bit of a under the radar prospect, he does not get caught up in all the hype of exposure, he simply uses it at a tool to get better. The 6’2 combo guard plays the game with a passion and drive that ends up paying off big overall and he is just starting to scratch the surface in terms of potential and has no plans to let up.

Offensively, he is exceptionally skilled and can control the pace of the game. He has great court vision and will find teammates on the floor in the halfcourt. He is an elite ball handler and blows by defenders at ease with either hand. He has the upper body strength to get into the paint and finish at the rim with contact with his right or his left hand. He has the unique ability to always know when to make the right play and unlike many others is a true leader. He is not turnover prone and is always the vocal leader on out on the court. He has worked steadily at being a more consistent three-point shoot as well as getting better mechanics on his shot. The extra off the court has shown as his confidence has grown and is extremely comfortable being a legit three level scorer on the offensive end.

His defensive abilities are just as elite as his abilities on the offensive end. He tenacity and dedication on the defensive allows him to shutdown opposing guards as well as switch off on bigger opponents. He has extremely high IQ and constantly is playing passing lanes and getting steals leading to transition buckets. He uses his body and boxes out very well for a player his size. He takes pride on the defensive end of the floor, and it translates to positive gain for his team on the offensive end. His play over the past spring has begun to get schools to take notice and they will be getting a front row seat to watch him develop.

A few schools that are making a push to get him on campus and have offered him scholarship offers are Houston, TCU, Washington St, and Wichita St. This list is only set to continue to grow as we close out the travel season and he makes a last push to play front and center in front of coaches.